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Main page/Tools/Skill calculators

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Skills Calculator

When you click on the link above it will bring you to a skills calculator tool.


  • This tool allows you to calculate your remaining XP in order to get to your target based on levels(1-99) or XP(1-350,000,000).
  • You can choose a skill and a drop down filled with methods in that skill will be displayed.
  • It also allows you to add a method in the calculation which will return the amount needed in order to get to your target with that method.
  • You can mark the Brawling Gloves checkbox to have it calculate the remaining xp with brawling gloves.
  • You can switch between regular players, ironman and hardcore ironman, each one will be calculated with the correct XP that certain mode gets.
  • On the bottom right the certain skill you're in wiki page will be generated and you could click on the link for further information regarding that certain skill.