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General Information
  • The Motherlode Mine is a Mining training area located in the Dwarven Mine. At least 30 Mining is required to mine on the lower level, and at least 72 Mining (cannot be boosted) is required for the upper level. A pickaxe is required to clear the obstructing rockfalls that block access to the mine's features.
  • The purpose of this minigame is to collect as many "Pay-dirt" as possible and clean them using the wheel for a chance to get random ores.

Searching crates
  • When facing North towards Prospector Percy the South-West crate will give you a Hammer!
  • When facing North towards Prospector Percy the South-East crate will give you a Pickaxe!
  • When facing North towards Prospector Percy the North-East crate will give you a Hammer!

kX5Mgxz.png l7yAxKa.png

Base floor VS Upper level

Base floor : On the base floor, each time a person mines an ore from a vein there is a 1:3 chance the vein depletes.


Upper level : On the upper level, the vein yields unlimited ore for approximately 15–27 seconds after the first pay-dirt is mined, regardless of the number of miners on the same spot. Once this timer runs out, the next ore mined from the vein by any player depletes the vein. This makes it beneficial for players to mine the same vein rather than depleting multiple veins at once.


Fixing the broken wheel
  • Occasionally, the struts on the water wheels will break. This event is visible to everyone and is not player-specific. If both of them are broken, the water flow will stop, and any pay-dirt that was making its way to the sack will be frozen in place until the water flow is restored.
  • The struts can be fixed using a hammer and grants Smithing experience equal to 1.5 times the player's Smithing level. A hammer can be found conveniently in some of the crates surrounding the machine. Additionally, a player can choose to hop to another world, where the strut is already intact. This will result in the same outcome as if the player had fixed the strut themselves.

Cleaning the pay-dirt
  • To clean the pay-dirt, deposit it into the hopper attached to the water circuit. When deposited, the pay-dirt will flow towards the sack at the other end. The sack can be searched to collect various ores and golden nuggets.
  • Note: Ores are determined when the pay-dirt is mined, NOT when cleaning.

Random obsticles
  • Occasionally, rocks may fall in certain areas of the mine, damaging any unlucky players who happen to be standing under them for a few (1-4) Hitpoints and blocking players' ways through the mine. They can be mined away for 10 experience.
  • Box traps and other traps placed on the ground may be laid to temporarily prevent rockfalls from blocking a path, until the box trap collapses and for a short period thenafter. The falling rocks will still damage the player.


Prospector helmet
Golden Nuggets
Prospector jacket
Golden Nuggets
Prospector legs
Golden Nuggets
Prospector boots
Golden Nuggets
Soft clay pack
Golden Nuggets
Bag full of gems
Golden Nuggets
Gem bag
Golden Nuggets