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Dragonfire Shield

The Dragonfire Shield is an upgraded Anti-dragon Shield. It requires a level of 75 Defence in order to wear it. The sheild has decent offensive and defencive stats, and is quite cheap. This makes it a good choice for players who are tight on money. Like the Anti-dragon Shield, the Dragonfire Shield can be used to block the damage of incoming firebreath attacks from dragons.

Operating the Dragonfire Shield


During Combat, if you go the the equipment tab, and select operate on the Dragonfire shield, the Dragonfire shield can unleash a blast of dragonfire at your target. This attack can only be used once every two minutes and it gives magic xp (according to the damaged hit).

The dragonfire attack follows the standard rules for dragonfire; it will be less effective against a target that has resistance to dragonfire, such as a player that used an antifire potion and/or an anti-dragon shield or dragonfire shield.

Furthermore, the dragonfire attack will not work against chromatic dragons, skeletal wyverns and some boss monsters, although metal dragons are vulnerable to it.

Dragon Fire protection

Dragonfire Shield will absorb 80% of the Fire Breath damage.

Now when player doesn't have any antifire protection enabled, the mage protect prayer will absorb 30% of dragonfire damage, this will not stack with other anti-fire effects.

Here's the fire breath absorption table:

  • Antifire-Potion - 50% - Stackable
  • Antifire-shield - 50% - Stackable
  • Dragonfire Shield - 80% - Stackable
  • Super antifire potion - 100%
  • Mage Protection - 30% - Non - Stackable

How to Obtain

Make you own

To make your own Dragonfire Shield, you will need: an Anti-dragon Shield, a Draconic Vissage, and level 95 Smithing. An Anti-dragon Shield may be purchased from the general store at Edgeville (Home) for 20 gp. Obtaining the Draconic Vissage will be much more difficult. The Draconic Vissage is on the drop table of every dragon in-game, except for green dragons. The Skeletal Wyverns may also drop this item. However, it is a rare drop for every one of them, so don't expect to get it right away. Once you have these two items, if you have 95 Smithing, simply just use one of the items on the other to create a Dragonfire Shield.

Recieve One as a Drop

There are two NPC's that drop the Dragonfire Shield, and those are the King Black Dragon and the Black Dragons located in Kuradals Dungeon (Donator's only training area).

Stats of the Dragonfire Shield