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Combat level 318
Always drops Ashes
Combat info
Hitpoints 600
Aggressive Yes
Max hits
Melee 23
Ranged 23
Magic 23


Cerberus is a level 318 hellhound boss, which is currently the only boss with a slayer level requirement of 91. Cerberus may look tough, but it isn't a difficult boss to defeat. Once you have learnt the basic mechanics of Cerberus, you should be able to kill it very easily. Cerberus is popularly killed for it's primordial, eternal and pegasian crystal, these are then attached to the dragon, wizard and ranger boots, providing best in slot boots for each combat style. These are Primordial boots, Eternal boots and Pegasian boots. Cerberus has the following special attacks that she may use:

  • A continuous melee attack throughout the fight will be used by her
  • She spits three balls of fire, this will be seen on the ground. It is best to avoid these areas as standing on or near it will deal damage
  • She summons three souls that come from the river behind her and attack the player with each combat style. First one dealing magic damage, followed by range and finally with a melee attack. For this part, you may want to prayer flick to avoid these attacks. If not, you can just protect from melee and keep hp to full. (Prayer flicking, refer to video below) Each attack can do around 30-35 damage to you.

Overall, it is advised to bring a range setup to inflict maximium damage to this boss. Furthermore, you should protect from melee when against Cerberus and prayer flick when against the three souls.

Getting There

  • Step One: Click the "B" icon on the normal spellbook, this will open up the boss teleport interface.


  • Step Two: Click the "Cerberus" boss teleport


You will end up here:


  • Step forward north and you will see Cerberus

Gear Setup

Range is most effective against Cerberus (Void in general is great for bossing)

Here is the best gear to use in each gear slot:

Head: Void Ranger Helm > Corrupted Helm > Armadyl Helmet > Karil's Coif > Robin Hood Hat > Archer Helm

Torso: Elite Void Top > Armadyl Chestplate > Karil's Leathertop > Black d'hide Body > Ranger's Tunic

Legs: Elite Void Robe> Corrupted Plateskirt > Armadyl Chainskirt > Karil's Leatherskirt > Black d'hide Chaps

Gloves: Void Knight Gloves > Barrows Gloves > Black d'hide Vambraces > Ranger Gloves

Boots: Pegasian Boots > Ranger Boots > Snakeskin Boots

Amulet: Amulet of Eternal Glory > Necklace of Anguish > Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory

Ring: Archers Ring (i) > Archers Ring> Ring of Wealth

Cape: Ava's Max Cape > Ava's Accumulator> Ava's attractor > Infernal Cape > Fire Cape

Offhand: Twisted Buckler > Elysian Spirit Shield > Odium Ward > Book of Law > Unholy Book > Book of Balance

Weapon: Twisted Bow > Magic Shortbow > Armadyl Crossbow > Dragon Hunter Crossbow > Rune Crossbow > Karil's Crossbow > Toxic Blowpipe

Spec Weapon: Dragon Claws > Dark Bow > Dragon Dagger

Inventory Setup

The inventory you take doesn't matter too much when you're killing Cerberus, as it is very possible to bank and return before it respawns.

A suggested inventory set-up:


  • 1 Ranging Potions
  • 3 Prayer Potions
  • 22x Sharks
  • Spec Weapon

Tips and Tricks

  • After a kill, you should teleport home and use the box of health
  • As the spawn time is 265 seconds, you could use the time to kill another boss after, for example the Jungle demon then return back to Cerberus
  • If using range, you should unlock and use Rigour to deal extra damange


Cerberus has quite an interesting drop table, the main drops being the crystals and corrupted armour. There is also a very rare chance to receive the Hellpuppy pet while killing Cerberus.



Item Image Ammount Drop Rate
Ashes YtWyoPE.png x1 Always
Lava Battlestaff QnuiqVz.png x1 1:5
Battlestaff VobFm2o.png x6 (Noted) 1:5
Pure Essence PELMWAL.png x300 (Noted) 1:5
Fire Rune EnGIyH5.png x300 1:5
Death Rune LGTnzfJ.png x100 1:5
Soul Rune LOQmxDa.png x100 1:5
Blood Rune 1ahqhK0.png x60 1:10
Super restore (4) AqGDXO8.png x2 1:5
Coal y7RhRQm.png x120 (Noted) 1:5
Coins ycAgHki.png x20,000 1:5
Unholy Symbol QyU6u2e.png x1 1:5
Summer Pie iZiBXMZ.png x3 1:5
Ash YtWyoPE.png x50 (Noted) 1:5
Dragon Bones U4yAo2Q.png x20 (Noted) 1:5
Wine of Zamorak UenA9Ne.png x15 1:5
Fire Orb Kf1CoMW.png x20 1:5
Uncut Diamond 6vUtF0u.png x5 (Noted) 1:5
Rune 2h gucGbhJ.png x1 1:10
Rune Halberd hAYLQof.png x1 1:10
Black d'hide Body bT5Bw66.png x1 1:10
Rune Full Helm 4AwPNuk.png x1 1:10
Rune Axe 03px5Lz.png x1 1:10
Rune pickaxe qsN0E8s.png x1 1:10
Rune Chainbody N4BlqeH.png x1 1:10
Rune platebody YJ31368.png x1 1:10
Runite Bolts (unf) OZwTFe2.png x40 1:10
Cannonball VJlDmWh.png x50 1:10
Torstol Seed I17Wi4q.png x3 1:10
Grimy Torstol JukNcGX.png x6 (Noted) 1:10
Runite Ore Fmy1b2L.png x5 (Noted) 1:10
Key Master Teleport u9WYxyQ.png x3 1:32
Primordial Crystal 2ahTd1M.png x1 1:256
Pegasian Crystal dc7iGBs.png x1 1:128
Eternal Crystal 4XRQ12M.png x1 1:128
Smouldering Stone tsYcShS.png x1 1:128
Abyssal Bludgeon cUFQwfo.png x1 1:128
Tormented Bracelet oUGEteI.png x1 1:68
Corrupted Helm SEHASk6.png x1 1:256
Corrupted Platebody 3SVsahz.png x1 1:256
Corrupted Platelegs NsAEpVX.png x1 1:256
Corrupted Plateskirt JQ5CprO.png x1 1:128
Corrupted Kiteshield fooB0FG.png x1 1:128
Hellpuppy (Pet) Cu6MsZM.png x1 1:514