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Staff Members

Rank In-game crown User Timezone
Owner 23Vx82o.png Lou Grinder GMT+4
Co-Owner gnWbUZE.png Lord Hunterr GMT-5
Administrator dUSxDPU.png Dkick GMT+1
Administrator dUSxDPU.png Surreal GMT-5
Global Moderator 28iExfA.png Brat GMT-6
Moderator vADTmDn.png Dr Fetus GMT-5
Server Supporter IDFLUhX.png Bonesaw GMT +10

Ingame Staff Assignments

Staff Rank Assignment
Co-Owner Choose and manage the staff ingame, along with moderating staff decisions.
Administrator Moderate the actions of players and manage the staff team.
Global Moderator Advanced moderator role that has more leverage in staffing ordeals.
Moderator Moderate all players in-game and take care of any rule breakers.
Server Supporter Help moderate players along with Administrators and Moderators.