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Dragon armour requires level 60 Defence to wear, while the weapons require level 60 Attack. Dragon is a reasonable armour set for new players. However, it is very weak compared with other combat equipment. There are many different Dragon items, which can be obtained in various ways. Dragon equipment cannot be made at all.

There are 4 different Dragon Ornament Kits (Or) and Dragon Ornament Kits (Sp) that can be applied to a Dragon Platebody, Dragon Platelegs/Plateskirt, Dragon Sq Shield, and Dragon Full Helm. These kits will add decoration to these pieces.

How to Obtain

Starting an Account

When you create an account you are given a choice of picking a starter pack. The starter packs for "Regular", "Berserker", and "Pure" all start with a Dragon Scimitar. The Berserker starter pack also includes a Dragon Dagger (P++).

Buy From Shops

The NPC's that sell these items can be found at Edgeville, just north of the bank. You can teleport there using the '::shops' command

With Coins

Image Item NPC Price
pObowfB.png Dragon Dagger / Dagger (P++) Pure Supplier 100k
oWbqHb1.png Dragon Scimitar Pure Supplier 200k

Premium Points

The Premium point store works differently to other stores, as not all the purchases are individual items. There are 3 different lots which contain dragon items, and these are:

  • Dragon Claws - 50,000 Premium points plus a little bit depending on the current stock. The lot simply contains dragon claws
  • Full Dragon - 60,000 Premium points. This lot contains a Dragon Full Helm, Dragon Platebody, Dragon Platelegs, Dragon Boots, and Dragon Gloves.
  • Offensive Set - 25,000 Premium points. This lot contains a Dragon Defender, along with a fire cape, fighter's torso and barrow gloves.

Other Currencies

Image Item NPC Price
xDuP3xf.gif Dragon 2H Sword Adventurer 200 Blood coins
lMEDYfr.gif Dragon Boots Adventurer 5,000 Blood coins
9qajgYT.png Dragon Claws Eva 500k PkP points
pObowfB.png Dragon Dagger / Dagger (P++) Adventurer 40 Blood coins
oWbqHb1.png Dragon Scimitar Adventurer 100 Blood coins

Monster Drops

Image Item NPC
xDuP3xf.gif Dragon 2H Sword Chaos Elemental
Uqg2Tbu.png Dragon Battleaxe King Black Dragon
lMEDYfr.gif Dragon Boots Bloodvelds
Q8wmhyg.gif Dragon Chainbody Kalphite Queen
9qajgYT.png Dragon Claws Tormented Demon
pObowfB.png Dragon Dagger / Dagger (P++) Bloodvelds, Dust Devils, Sergeant Grimspike, Sergeant Steelwill, Sergeant Strongstack ,King Black Dragon , Slash Bash , The Untouchable
DLr2Ar8.png Dragon Darts King Black Dragon
jg490BH.png Dragon Defender Abyssal Demon ,Tormented Demon
p6sH3nC.gif Dragon Full Helm King Black Dragon
9WT8RUP.png Dragon Gloves Weapons Game minigame or Mithril dragons
MnhrTBc.png Dragon Halberd King Black Dragon
La539aM.png Dragon Kiteshield Kalphite Queen
ce70Ii6.png Dragon Longsword N/A
U4wrvEt.png Dragon Mace Abyssal Demon
KAxAotH.png Dragon Med Helm N/A
oXXCq1M.gif Dragon Platebody Kalphite Queen,King Black Dragon, Tormented Demon
QVdjTMO.gif Dragon Platelegs Dust Devil
QKRSJPc.gif Dragon Plateskirt Dust Devil, Kalphite Queen
oWbqHb1.png Dragon Scimitar Dust Devil, King Black Dragon
V4Ur4P5.png Dragon Sq Shield Chaos Elemental
kHoolFK.png Dragon Spear Abyssal Demon, Graador, King Black Dragon, Mutant Tarn

Clue Scrolls

The Dragon Med Helm is the only piece of Dragon equipment that can be obtained from clue scrolls. Elite clue scrolls are the only level of clue that can reward this.


Dragon Full Helm


Dragon Med Helm


Dragon Platebody


Dragon Chainbody


Dragon Platelegs


Dragon Plateskirt


Dragon Gloves


Dragon Boots


Dragon Square Shield


Dragon Claws


Dragon 2h Sword


Dragon Spear


Dragon Defender