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Eastern Robe pieces are cosmetic items that can be obtained from the seasonal voting store. There are 2 pieces in each set, and each piece can come in 5 different colours. This means there are a total of 10 different Eastern pieces in the game. The Pieces of this set are:

  • Eastern Robe
  • Eastern Trousers

Obtaining Eastern Pieces

The Eastern pieces can be bought from the Seasonal Voting Store. This store can be accessed by right clicking on Akrisae and then selecting the "Trade Seasonal" option. Unlike other stores, the Seasonal Voting store has its stock changed every month, don't worry though each stock will return in 5 months time.

Both the Eastern Robe, and the Eastern Trousers cost 250 voting points each.

You would need a total of 2,500 vote points in order to obtain every piece by your self.

Stats of a set