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Halloween masks

A Halloween mask is a tradeable item. The Halloween mask comes in many colors:

  • Red halloween mask
  • Green halloween mask
  • Blue halloween mask
  • Black halloween mask
  • White halloween mask
  • Yellow halloween mask
  • Purple halloween mask
  • Brown halloween mask
  • Colored halloween mask

A Halloween mask covers the entire head of the wearer, similar to a full helmet. Halloween masks are purely cosmetics.

How to Obtain Halloween Masks

Where to Buy

All Halloween Masks are obtainable from the vote store. The colored halloween mask however, is obtainable from the seasonal vote store, which also uses vote points as currency.


The cost of the masks

Item Name costs
0Yh38u3.png Colored halloween mask 500 vote points (seasonal vendor)
uv3rdOh.png Brown halloween mask 1,000 vote points
7AMZaQ8.png White halloween mask 1,000 vote points
vjIuAOL.png Black halloween mask 1,000 vote points
qlGS4iD.png Purple halloween mask 1,000 vote points
DnEFKTL.png Yellow halloween mask 1,000 vote points
L48Xqm7.png Blue halloween mask 800 vote points
11moPtu.png Red halloween mask 800 vote points
5k590J0.png Green halloween mask 800 vote points

Colored Halloween Mask

What is a Colored Halloween Mask?

A colored halloween mask means that it's just like a regular halloween mask (shape and size) but you can customize the color to your own liking.

How it Works

How do I customize the color of my halloween mask? You right click the party hat & click on customize.


A new window will open, here you can pick any color you like and press confirm. Congratulations, your party hat has got a new color!