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About Mining

Mining is a skill that allows players to obtain ores and gems from rocks. With ores, a player can then either smelt bars and make equipment using the Smithing skill or sell them for profit.


Pickaxe Name Image   Level Needed Obtained from
Bronze Pickaxe Bronzepickaxe.png 1 Skilling tools store / Miner Magnus
Iron Pickaxe Ironpickaxe.png 1 Skilling Tools store / Miner Magnus
Steel Pickaxe Steelpickaxe.png 6 Skilling tools store / Miner Magnus
Mithril Pickaxe Mithrilpickaxe.png 21 Skilling tools store
Adamant Pickaxe Adamantpickaxe.png 31 Skilling tools store
Rune Pickaxe Runepickaxe.png 41 Skilling tools store / Mining master Gadrin
Dragon Pickaxe Dragonpickaxe.png 61 Mining master Gadrin
Infernal Pickaxe Infernalpickaxe.png 61 Mining master Gadrin
3rd Age Pickaxe 3rdagepickaxe.png 61 Mining master Gadrin

Mining Store


To access the mining store, you can trade miner Magnus in Neitiznot (North) just east past the rock. He can also be found in one of the members zones, in the mining area, and some other places.


You are only able to buy axes in this store up to steel. Ironmen are able to buy axes from this shop as well.

Skilling tools store

Skilling tools guy.png

Skilling tools store.png

Ironmen are only able to buy a bronze pickaxe in this shop. To get better axes, see the shop above or further down this page.

Mining locations

Neitiznot (North)

Neitiznot (North) contains all the types of Rocks. There is also a furnace/ anvil so players can train their smithing skill at the same time.

Neitiznot mining.png

Resource Area

At the resource area you can find pretty much all types of ore, except copper,tin,and runite ore. This is located in the wilderness, so do be aware of pvpers or players looking to kill skillers.

Wildy resource area tp.png

Donator zones

As the name of the place suggests, you need to be a member to enter this area. Ores up to runite will be found in the donator zones.


Experience Table

These xp rates are based on a maxed player.
Type of Ore Ore Picture Level Needed Regular Mode Classic icon.png Classic Ironman icons.gif Ironman Realism.png Realism One Life.png One Life Pure.png Pure/Master Spawn Mode.png Spawn
  Tin Ore Tinore.gif 1 270 180 270 90 270 90 270
  Copper Ore Copperore.gif 1 270 180 270 90 270 90 270
  Limestone Limestone.png 10 390 260 390 130 390 130 390
  Iron Ore Ironore.gif 15 525 350 525 175 525 175 525
  Silver Ore Silver ore.png 20 600 400 600 200 600 200 600
  Pure Essence Pureessence.png 30 180 120 180 60 180 60 180
  Coal Coal.gif 30 750 500 750 250 750 250 750
  Pay-dirt Pay-dirt.png 30 900 600 900 300 900 300 900
  Sandstone (1kg) Sandstone (1kg).png 35 450 300 450 150 450 150 450
  Gold Ore Goldore.png 40 975 650 975 325 975 325 975
  Gem Rocks Gem rock.png 40 975 650 975 325 975 325 975
  Granite (500g) Granite (500g).png 45 750 500 750 250 750 250 750
  Mithril Ore Mithrilore.png 55 1,200 800 1,200 400 1,200 400 1,200
  Adamant Ore Adamantore.gif 70 1,425 950 1,425 475 1,425 475 1,425
  Runite Ore Runiteore.png 85 1,875 1,250 1,875 625 1,875 625 1,875
  Amethyst Amethyst.png 92 3,600 2,400 3,600 1,200 3,600 1,200 3,600
You will get 50% more xp if you decide to train in the wilderness resource area (wilderness level 54). Be aware of PKing!

Mining master

The mining master (Gadrin) can be found at Neitiznot, member zones and some other places. He is able to give you skilling tasks to obtain mining points or money (you will also get participation points when you finish your task). In addition, you can see his master's shop where you can spend your mining points.


Gadrin store.png

Useful Items and Boosts

Hourly bonus skill

The hourly bonus skill gives you 50% more mining xp for 1 hour. Quest tab > the "i" icon to see what the current hourly bonus skill is. Refresh the page to be sure you have the right one.


Item/Boost Image Effect How to obtain?
Voting Voteticket.png Gives you 25% more mining xp for 1 hour When you redeem your vote, you will get a boost xp for 1 hour. See here how to vote
Prospector set Prospector.gif Gives you 27,5% more mining xp Get it from the mining master for 3275 mining points
Mining cape Miningcape.png Gives you 20% more mining xp Buy it from the mining master
Mining hood Mininghood.png Gives you 5% more mining xp Buy it from the mining master
Mining tome (1) Mining tome (1).png By using this book you will get 1 million mining experience Buy it from the slayer shop for 50 slayer points or from players
Mining tome (10) Mining tome.png By using this book you will get 10 million mining experience Buy it from the premium shop or players
Remember that ironmen are not able to buy tomes from the premium shop and the slayer master.

Skilling pet

You are able to obtain Rock Golem while mining ores.


Mining minigame

  • Motherlode Mine is a "minigame" where it allows players to mine for pay-dirt which can be washed into random ores and in some cases gold nuggets which can be used to buy items.