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About Smithing

Smithing is a production skill through which players may create a wide variety of metal items from ore and metal bars. It is the companion skill of Mining, as the ores are acquired from mining are smelted into metal bars at furnaces, and then hammered into items at anvils. Many smithable items are useful for combat and completing clue scrolls.

Smithing supplies

All you need for smithing, are a hammer, ore and bars.


There are different places to get a hammer, but an easy way is to get it from the shop keeper or the shop assistant at north west of bank at Edgeville for 177 coins.

Shop keeper.png


See the Mining skill how to get ores.


There are a few ways to get bars:

  • Smelt them at a furnace;
  • Buy them from players;
  • Get them from drops;
  • Get them from achievements.
Remember that ironmen are not able to buy bars from players.

Making bars

To make bars, you have to smelt ores at the furnace. The most recommended furnaces are at Al Kharid and donator zone, because they are close to a bank.


Al Kharid

Alkharid tp.png

Walk to the north after your teleport.


Donator zone

Click on your quest tab and go to the member's tab, use the "La Isla Ebana" teleport as shown on the picture below. Walk to the south to see the furnace.



Experience table

These xp rates are based on a maxed player.
Name Image Level required Items needed Regular Mode Classic icon.png Classic Ironman icons.gif Ironman Realism.png Realism One Life.png One Life Pure.png Pure/Master Spawn Mode.png Spawn
Bronze bar Bronzebar.png 1 1 tin ore + 1 copper ore 90 60 90 30 90 30 90
Iron bar Ironbar.png 15 Iron ore (50% chance of succes) 285 190 285 95 285 95 285
Steel bar Steelbar.png 30 2 coal ore + 1 iron ore 420 280 420 140 420 140 420
Mithril bar Mithril bar.png 50 4 coal ore + 1 mithril ore 975 650 975 325 975 325 975
Adamant bar Adamantbar.png 70 6 coal ore + 1 adamant ore 1,230 820 1,230 410 1,230 410 1,230
Runite bar Runitebar.png 85 8 coal ore + 1 runite ore 1,650 1,100 1,650 550 1,650 550 1,650

How to train smithing?

When you made or bought your bars, you just need your hammer and bars in your inventory and click on the anvil. Click on the item you want to make and you will get the xp.


Smiting locations

There are a few smithing locations near to a bank.


Teleport to Yanille and run to the south east.

Yanille tp.png



Teleport to Varrock and run to the west.

Varrock tp.png


Donator zone

Teleport to donator zone and run to the south.



Smithing master

The smithing master can be found at Neitiznot, dwarf mining guild and the members zones. He is able to give you skilling tasks to obtain money or smithing points (you will also get participation points when you finish your task). In addition, you can see his master's shop where you can spend your smithing points.


Dialogue master.png

Smithing master shop.png

1-99 Walkthrough

This is the suggested method for 1-99 smithing (without smithing xp while smelthing and when you start at level 1 smithing):

These xp rates are based on a maxed player.
Name Image Levels Regular Mode Classic icon.png Classic Ironman icons.gif Ironman Realism.png Realism One Life.png One Life Pure.png Pure/Master Spawn Mode.png Spawn
Bronze axe Bronzeaxe.png 1-2 30 20 30 10 30 10 30
Bronze mace Bronzemace.png 2-4 45 30 45 15 45 15 45
Bronze bolts (unf) Bronzeboltunf.png 4-12 345 230 345 115 345 115 345
Bronze kiteshield Bronzekiteshield.png 12-19 720 480 720 240 720 240 720
Bronze platebody Bronzeplatebody.png 19-27 1,575 1,050 1,575 525 1,575 525 1,575
Iron kiteshield Ironkiteshield.png 27-31 1,755 1,170 1,755 585 1,755 585 1,755
Iron platelegs Ironplatelegs.png 31-33 1,935 1,290 1,935 645 1,935 645 1,935
Iron platebody Ironplatebody.png 33-60 3,300 2,200 3,300 1,100 3,300 1,100 3,300
Mithril battleaxe Mithrilbattleaxe.png 60-62 3,825 2,550 3,825 1,275 3,825 1,275 3,825
Mithril kiteshield Mithrilkiteshield.png 62-66 3,915 2,610 3,915 1,305 3,915 1,305 3,915
Mithril platelegs Mithrilplatelegs.png 66-68 4,095 2,730 4,095 1,365 4,095 1,365 4,095
Mithril platebody Mithrilplatebody.png 68-88 6,900 460 6,900 2,300 6,900 2,300 6,900
Adamant platebody Adamantplatebody.png 88-99 8,625 5,750 8,625 2,875 8,625 2,875 8,625
Rune Platebody Runeplatebody.png 99-200m xp 10,350 6,900 10,350 3,450 10,350 3,450 10,350

Useful items and boosts

Hourly bonus skill

The hourly bonus skill gives you 50% more smithing xp for 1 hour. Quest tab > the "i" icon to see what the current hourly bonus skill is. Refresh the page to be sure you have the right one.


Item/Boost Image Effect How to obtain?
Voting DBhO67p.png Gives you 25% more smithing xp for 1 hour When you redeem your vote, you will get a boost xp for 1 hour. See here how to vote
Ornate set Ornateset.gif Gives you 30% more smithing xp Buy the full set from the smithing master for 5200 smithing points
Smithing cape Smithingcape.png Gives you 20% more smithing xp Buy it from the smithing master
Smithing hood Smithinghood.png Gives you 5% more smithing xp Buy it from the smithing master

Smithing minigame

  • Blast Furnace is a smithing "minigame" that allows its users to smelt ores with less coal needed in most cases. With a bank and an avil right there, it makes for a fast and easy experience smithing!