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Main page/Skill guides/Regular mode/Woodcutting

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About woodcutting

Woodcutting is a gathering skill that primarily involves chopping trees to obtain logs used in the Fletching and Firemaking skills. Players with a higher woodcutting level can chop down new types of trees and cut down trees quicker. As levels increase, players can use better hatchets which further increase the speed of cutting trees.

Woodcutting supplies

All you need to start woodcutting, is a hatchet (other word for hatchet is axe). You can buy it from the skilling tools store at Edgeville (use the in-game command ::shops for quick access).

Skilling tools guy.png

Skilling tools store.png

Remember that ironmen are not able to buy axes from the skilling tools store. The best way to get low tier axes as an ironman, is to make them with Smithing or get it from a drop. You can buy high tier axes in the master's shop as you can see further down this page.
Hatchet Image Level
Iron hatchet lMbrdHW.png 1
Steel hatchet PB3t70E.gif 6
Black hatchet g2YngcK.gif 11
Mithril hatchet W5uL0os.gif 21
Adamant hatchet 5C9GYLa.gif 31
Rune hatchet dlN5UdJ.gif 41
Dragon hatchet 3WcEOSq.gif 61
Infernal axe zKmwvTr.png 61 (with 85 firemaking)
3rd age axe JQLNX83.png 61

Woodcutting locations

The best places to train woodcutting are Seers Village, donator zone and the Woodcutting guild.

Seers village

Seers rooftop.png


Donator zones

If you are a bronze donator, go to the bronze donator zone through the donator tab. Run to the south east to find the trees.

Bronze donator zone 2.png

If you are a ruby donator, go to the ruby donator zone through the donator tab. Run to the east to find the trees.


Woodcutting guild

Woodcutting guild.png

Go through the gates westbound. After that you will find all kind of trees. Beyond the magic trees you can climb up a ladder to find redwood trees.


Woodcutting master

The woodcutting master can be found at Seers Village, woodcutting guild, member zones and some other places. He can give you skilling tasks to obtain woodcutting points or money (you will also get participation points when you finish your task). In addition, you can see his master's shop where you can spend your woodcutting points.


Dialogue master.png

Woodcutting master.png

Experience table

These xp rates are based on a maxed player.
Logs Type Image Level requirement XP regular mode Ironman icons.gif Ironman One Life.png One Life Spawn Mode.png Spawn Classic icon.png Classic Realism.png Realism Pure.png Pure/Master
Logs V5hKi9L.png 1 375 375 375 375 250 125 125
Oak Logs 3x8RkX7.png 15 570 570 570 570 380 190 190
Willow Logs mBqOisq.png 30 1,020 1,020 1,020 1,020 680 340 340
Teak Logs Teak_logs.png 35 1,275 1,275 1,275 1,275 850 425 425
Maple Logs hU5Yezt.png 45 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,000 500 500
Mahogany Logs (Teak Woodland) LfDx4vU.png 50 1,875 1,875 1,875 1,875 1,250 625 625
Yew Logs cdGjHSy.png 60 2,625 2,625 2,625 2,625 1,750 875 875
Magic Logs H8nwdsU.png 75 3,750 3,750 3,750 3,750 2,500 1,250 1,250
Redwood logs 3PV1ztH.png 90 5,700 5,700 5,700 5,700 3,800 1,900 1,900
You will get 50% more xp if you decide to train in the wilderness resource area (wilderness level 54). Be aware of PKing!

1-99 walktrough

This is the suggested method for 1-99 woodcutting:

Name Image Levels
Logs V5hKi9L.png 1-15
Oak logs 3x8RkX7.png 15-30
Willow logs mBqOisq.png 30-45
Maple logs hU5Yezt.png 45-50
Mahogany Logs LfDx4vU.png 50-60
Yew logs cdGjHSy.png 60-75
Magic logs H8nwdsU.png 75-90
Redwood logs 3PV1ztH.png 90-99

Useful items and boosts

Hourly bonus skill

The hourly bonus skill gives you 50% more woodcutting xp for 1 hour. Go to the quest tab > the "i" icon to see what the current hourly bonus skill is. Refresh the page to be sure you have the right one.


Item/Boost Image Effect How to obtain?
Voting cRgfflP.png Gives you 25% more woodcutting xp for 1 hour When you redeem your vote, you will get a boost xp for 1 hour. See here how to vote
Lumberjack set aWd1qgM.gif Gives you 30% more woodcutting xp Buy it from the woodcutting master for 3350 woodcutting points
Woodcutting cape XrW0Ms1.png Gives you 20% more woodcutting xp Buy it from the woodcutting master
Woodcutting hood zudj6At.png Gives you 5% more woodcutting xp Buy it from the woodcutting master
Woodcutting tome (1) Woodcutting tome.png Gives you 1 million experience Buy it from the slayer shop for 50 slayer points or from players
Woodcutting tome (10) Woodcutting tome blue.png Gives you 10 million experience Buy it from the premium shop or players
Remember that ironmen are not able to buy tomes from the premium shop and the slayer master.

Skilling pet

You are able to obtain Beaver while cutting logs.