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Donator Status

Donator rank is given to a player in-game when he/she donates. GrinderScape really appreciates the support of the server, so they try to provide special qualities to the players (while keeping it fair to everyone, meaning it is not required to donate). To see all the donators benefits, you have access to the ::benefits command in-game.

How do i become a donator?

Currently Premium Points are obtainable through donating using ::donate command in-game. The main way to become a donator is by donating the following amounts :

G89h6S1.png Bronze Donator ($9.99 Lifetime)

donator%20icon.png Regular Donator ($49.99 Lifetime)

donator%20icon11.png Super Donator ($99.99 Lifetime)

donator%20icon15.png Extreme Donator ($149.99 Lifetime)

Eb1Pb42.png Legendary Donator ($249.99 Lifetime)

NEaNuT4.png Platnium Donator ($499.99 Lifetime)

Fx48eEU.png Dicer Rank ($4.99 Lifetime) (This rank has NO donator benefits, only the ability to gamble. (::dice)

You can also become a donator through participation points. This requires 3000 Participation points and can be purchased from "Borat" located inside home bank. The donator's rank bond is tradeable. Each Donator rank bond is equivalent to $50.



Premium point shop (Donator shop)

8PV30e5.png FDGV1KV.png

What Benefits Do You Get?

Features Bronze Donator Regular Donator Super Donator Extreme Donator Legendary Donator Platinum Donator
Cost $9.99 $49.99 $99.99 $149.99 $249.99 $499.99
Donator's rank icon G89h6S1.png IzEfOdZ.png OTa63nq.png 3O1Tvrj.png Eb1Pb42.png NEaNuT4.png
Forums userbar qPoSMX3.png GY85xj5.png olq2XA4.png rtLkEXw.png KL4HIIb.png r1IbJiN.png
Ability to Yell (::yell) No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to use Donator Zone (::dz) No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to use Legendary Boss Zone No No No No Yes Yes
Ability to restore hitpoints (::hp) No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ability to restore special attack (::spec) No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ability to use the bank anywhere besides wilderness and in combat (::bank) No No No Yes Yes Yes
Access to equipments tab max hit preview No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bone Crusher charge's multiplier x5 x10 x25 N/A N/A N/A
Big Slayer task Reduction 40% 50% 60% N/A N/A N/A
5 KC Required for Kamil Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Higher chance of receiving Jad pet in exchange for firecape Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
5 KC Required for God Wars Dungeon Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ability to use Shift + Drop on inventory items Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Use items on bank to Note/Unoted Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Donator's Tab

This shows the following as stated below:

  • Shows your current rank.
  • Preview to the total amount donated.
  • Shows all the donator's features.
  • Shows you the link to purchase premium points.
  • Shows you the teleports to Member's Zone, Legendary Boss Zone and Platinum Skilling Zone.
  • Shows you the 'extras' ::bank, ::hp, and ::spec.


Member's Zone

In the member's zone, you'll find :

  • Zod's Shop.
  • Gilded altar.
  • Ores up to Runite.
  • Yew & Magic trees.
  • Farming patch.
  • Furnace & Anvil.
  • A lot of Fishing spots.
  • Skilling masters available.
  • Box of health for refreshments.
  • Crystal chest.
  • Much more coming.

Legendary Boss Zone

To know everything about the Legendary Boss Zone, view this guide.

Platinum Skilling Zone

The Platinum Skilling Zone is still under construction.

Yell Abilities

You can change your yell title by clicking yuCyc16.png in the quest tab.


You can now use the ::yell command and choose any color you like. Use it properly.