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How do I make money?

We have a guide specifically to answer this question.

I lost my password, how can I recover it?

If you have lost your password, you can try to get it recovered by making a thread here.

  • Only Administrators and above can recover your password, Supporters/Modetators/Elite Moderators can't.

I disconnected and lost my armour, can I get it back?

The staff cannot give refunds of items lost in-game due to connectivity issues. If this happens, Grinderscape is not responsible for your lost items. Our reasoning for this is that if we were to refund lost items to each player that claims to have lost them due to a disconnectivity issue, the economy would be flooded with items that were most likely looted from your death. Check out our Terms of Service for more information.

Is buying/selling runescape accounts over Grinderscape illegal?

Buying/selling Runescape accounts over Grinderscape is illegal and could get you banned. The reason for this is to protect the interest of the seller and the buyer.

Where can I find a certain boss, and how can I kill it?

Our Grinderscape Wiki team has put together several boss guides for players to use.

Where can I find a certain monster?

The Grinderscape Wiki features an extremely detailed list of monster locations here and here

How do I train a certain skill?

The Grinderscape Wiki is full of skilling walkthroughs that can be found here.

Is there Agility ingame?

Yes, there is Agility in-game. You can talk to Pirate Jackie in Edgeville to be teleported to one of the training areas. There is also an Agility guide to walk you through step-by-step!

How do I become a staff member of GrinderScape?

If you think there's an application for a staff member, think again. The staff team will most likely choose a player with full potential to be a staff member of Grinderscape. You'll have to be respectful, helpful and trusted in order to become a staff member.

  • Respectful: Always respect players, who they are/what they like/etc. If you're a mean spirited brute to players for no reason, it is highly unlikely that you will ever be considered for any staff position.
  • Helpful: Help players in-game. If they ask for help, then try your best to provide help for the players in need. Please don't try to lie to players. That'll ruin your reputation + your chances of playing the game anymore.
  • Trusted: Gain player's trust! You can do this by providing MM's/Item transfers to players. It's hard to do so, but it's worth gaining trust from people. If you feel like you have what it takes to become a trusted Middleman, apply to become an official middleman here.

Please note that these things do not guarantee a staff position.

What is the price of a certain item?

We have a pricelist which can be found in your quest tab or you can find it here. To search the guide quickly, use CTRL+F (COMMAND+F on macs).

I was banned/muted/jailed and would like to be unbanned/unmuted/unjailed/, how can I do this?

  • If you were banned, muted, or jailed then make an appeal here

I am having trouble starting up my client, how can I fix this?

I was scammed but don't have any proof, can anything be done?

The Grinderscape staff cannot do anything about a supposed scam without any proof. If you have proof of the incident, please submit a player report. Be sure to follow the required format(s) and post in the correct section.

Is it possible to change my in-game name?

No it isn't possible. The only name change you can get is on the forums. You can find out how to do so here

I donated, but I can't yell, why is this?

  • Donation via Donator Shop

Once you've donated via the online donator shop, you will need to go to your Help Desk in-game and press "redeem donation". You will need to logout and log back in to receive your donator teleports and benefits. Your membership lasts for 31 days and comes with 50 free yell credits.

  • Donation via Membership Ticket

Once you've acquired a membership ticket in-game, either by donating via the online donator shop or purchasing it from a player in-game, click on the ticket to redeem it. You will now be a regular donator. Your membership lasts for 31 days and comes with 50 free yell credits.

  • Super Donation Purchases

If you have purchased super donator from the online donation shop, you will need to go to your Help Desk in-game and press "redeem donation". Once this has been done, logout and log back in to receive your donator benefits. It should be known that super donator does not expire and does not come with any free yell credits.

Yell credits can be purchased from the general store at Edgeville.

What's so good about being a donor?

The perks of being a donor aren't tremendous, but it does make a difference.

  • You can yell (Customization for it is available via Quest Tab > Customize Yell).
  • Access to donator-only premium training.
  • Access to the Donator Zone
    • Donator zone has totems which when clicked on, you receive different benefits, for example, the luck effect will increase your chances for a rare drop by 7%. The best and most used benefit is the decanter that can make potions 3 dose into potions 4 dose, which is very useful for any situation.
    • The Donator Zone has skilling areas for most skills.
    • Premium Training: It's a cool Slayer place, or training area, where you fight some scarce NPC's in the game.
      • NPC's include: Abyssal Demons, Dark Beasts, Mithril Dragons.
  • The donor emblem/icon beside your name.
  • More on the 'x' option to buy more items.
    • Regular player: 200
    • Donator: 400
    • Super Donator: 800
  • Pking/In-general and Castle Wars perks.
    • Super Donators are able to keep untradeables upon death.
    • More time to be invulnerable on wildy after getting a kill (unless they attack, invulnerability will be disabled).
      • Donator: 5 seconds of invulnerability.
      • Super Donator: 7 seconds of invulnerability.
    • Less time to get out of wildy after attacking someone.
      • Donators: 7 seconds.
      • Super Donators: 5 seconds.
    • Castle Wars rewards boosted.
      • Donatosr: 7%
      • Super Donators: 15%
    • Slayer task assignments, having their amount of NPCs to kill reduced by:
      • Donators: 40%
      • Super Donators: 50%

How do I donate?

To donate, you HAVE to use paypal. Their are no other means of donating. You can put money on your paypal with your bank account, by mailing paypal cash, or by using a credit card. Credit card is the fastest since it happens immediately. When you donate, make sure you enter your in-game name properly.

How do I vote?

You can vote by clicking on the "vote" button in your in-game Help Desk, or by going here.

Where can I spend my Voting points?

You can spend these points by speaking to Akrisae. He's an NPC who is located next to the Premium Points Exchanger or slighty West of the Edgeville bank.

How do I take a screenshot?

There are many guides to creating screenshots on our forums, but the easiest way would be to use a screenshot sharing site. A few of them would be http://www.puush.me, or http://gyazo.com . Simply download it and set your hot keys to take a screenshot. Use these to catch players, or show off your items in game!

Is there dicing in-game?

Yes there is dicing in-game. To aquire the ability, you have to purchase the dicer rank off of the online donator shop which can be found here.

  • To learn how to dice, you must first read the rules found here.
  • Dicing doesn't give the ability for your character to yell, unlike the donator rank. As a dicer you only have the ability to host.

Can we use an auto typer?

Auto typers are allowed for players to use, but the time-set must be greater than 5 seconds. Anything lower is considered spamming, and will result in a mute.

Can we use an auto clicker?

Auto clicker is strictly prohibited (not allowed). It is an unfair method of obtaining cash, and it makes it unfair for those who actually spent time earning the money. If you are caught you will be either banned or jailed.

What are some staking methods?

There are many methods players use to battle over a stake.

  • Dragon Dagger Spec (DDSing): You use your Dragon Dagger (P++) only. If another player uses an item other than the DDS, they can be banned for scamming.
  • DDS to Whip: You use your DDS and your whip. Again, if a weapon other than a DDS/Whip are used, they can be banned for scamming.
  • Boxing: This is a bit of a slow fight, but are even in odds. All weapons are disabled, and the two players fight to the death with nothing but their hands.

It is recommended that you record all your fights in case someone does decide to scam you. It won't take up much memory if you delete the videos after you're done with them.

I have forgotten my bank pin, can it be reset/recovered?

Yes, all you have to do is pm a staff member in-game.

How do I add a signature?

To add a signature, read this guide.

Does Grinderscape still have a Facebook page?

We do have a Facebook page, announced by Jordy on 03-03-15. The Official Grinderscape Facebook page is located here.

Are the skills Hunter or Construction in-game?

Yes they are.

Where can I buy and sell items?

Our new trading area is Grand Exchange, you can get there with the command ::ge.

How do I change my Spellbook?

  • Ancient spellbook: Speak to the lumbridge sage outside the general store in Edgeville. Choose desert pyramid and run south until you find the pyramid, you then go around it and pray at the altar.
  • Lunar spellbook: Go to your spellbook, click city teleports and choose lunar isle. Right click the altar and pray.

Someone changed the rules in a duel, will they get punished?

Not all circumstances will the player be punished, as it is the job of both players to check both dueling screens while staking. Although if you have video proof you can report them.

How can I see staff members online?

There is a simple command to see the staff online in-game. Just type ::staffonline and a list of staff members online will appear in the chatbox.

I messaged a staff member but they didn't respond.

The Grinderscape staff team is very busy when it comes down to helping players. They get a lot of messages, so if you don't get a reply from one, message another one. You could also join the Help clan chat for help.

I've donated, but I have not yet received my donation. What should I do?

Click the "redeem donation" button in your quest tab if you haven't already. If that doesn't work, you can contact Daxx here. Just simply PM him the situation and proof of the donation and he will get back to you ASAP.

I have a donator rank in-game, do I get one on the forums as well?

No. In-game donating is separate from the forums, but if you would like to donate for ranks on the forums, you can do so by PMing Daxx here.

What is better: Rune or Pure essence?

Both essences gives the same experience, it doesn't matter.

How do I get the Completionist Cape?

The Completionist Cape is achieved by getting all stats to 99, and by completing 81 of the 86 tasks on the task list.

How do I get the Veteran Cape?

The Veteran Cape is available to players who have played for 5 days (120 hours). There is no way to find your play time at the moment.

I lost my Quest Cape, how do I get it back?

If you have lost your Quest Cape, you can get it back with the command ::qc.

I am stuck and cannot move in-game, what do I do?

Either type the command ::stuck, or pm a staff member, who will either jail then unjail you, or teleport you back home.

How do I change to 10x hits, new hitbar, lock my xp or names on the head of people?

Click on the Settings icon which looks like this:


Now click on the similar looking icon when it appears in the new tab:


Tick the x10 hits.

Is farcasting (Fcing) allowed?

Yes, it is allowed.