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Runescape GP

Grinderscape allows it users with 24 hours of playtime (::timeplayed) to freely trade RSGP provided an Official Middleman is used during the transaction. Use the in-game command ::mm to see which middlemen are online.
Weekly limits are as follows:
100M for OldSchool Runescape Gold
500M for RuneScape3 Gold
Both 07 and RS3 are calculated together. Ask an omm or staff member for more information.

Weekly limits reset every Saturday 10:00AM, server time.

Item Name Price
m9mLM3r.png 1 Million RuneScape 3/Evolution of Combat (RS3) 100M
m9mLM3r.png 1 Million OldSchool RuneScape Gold (07) 700M

Combat Equipment

Melee Weapons

Item Name Price
6TXkPpx.png Ghrazi Rapier 2.5 - 2.7B
G4WcSyv.png Lava Blade 75 - 100M
uQEwMKN.png Blood Scimitar 100M
W3e5Jir.png Viggora's chainmace 20M
H3rXva6.png Kraken Tentacle 40M
xD3LMBr.png Abyssal Tentacle Untradeable
65FqYku.png Banana Whip 150M
uPHDbeV.png Forest Whip 150M
8WgNlEY.png Rose Whip 150M
Wv7VpOB.png Indigo Whip 200 - 250M
sUxf7dq.png Dragon Whip 400 - 500M
wdsgRKf.png Gold Whip 400M
vpkHfWx.png White Whip 100 - 150M
4wkBBZZ.png Unknown Whip 300M
RpUppkb.png Abyssal Whip 10M
hVe4CPT.png Frozen Abyssal Whip 30M
6LuhT9p.png Volcanic Abyssal Whip 30M
4PshGtJ.png 3FfYVRn.png 0FY7XIV.png wsog1ql.png dQ8nyno.png rJVoa6W.png Rune - Bronze Whip 5M


Item Name Price
C5lTSZ8.png Ancestral Hat 200 - 250M
za3dGu4.png Ancestral Robe top 200 - 250M
IggxK2e.png Ancestral Robe Bottom 200 - 250M
OKS1A5J.png Kodai Wand 150 - 200M


Item Name Price
T32KPvE.png Bandos Chestplate (BCP) 80M
XNfgvHa.png Bandos Tassets (Tassy) 120M
E5r92Fh.gif Bandos Boots 20M
qxDNxlP.png Guardian Boots 200M


Item Name Price
AweBCVu.png Justiciar Faceguard 600m
rZssA04.png Justiciar Chestguard 700M
uQRP6Lc.png Justiciar Legguards 700M


Item Name Price
HyN0WRx.png Dragon Full Helm (g) 50M
QoLwR3E.png Dragon Full Helm 10M
KAxAotH.png Dragon Med Helm 100K
HllQMjD.png Dragon Platebody 50M
UvQWYYb.png Dragon Platebody (g) 6B
Q8wmhyg.gif Dragon Chainbody 15M
1gHKob4.png Dragon ChainBody (g) 40M
MijR243.png Dragon Platelegs 1 - 2M
hpQjDMm.png Dragon Platelegs (g) 40M
P0Fylon.png Dragon Plateskirt 1 - 2M
8V8wM8N.png Dragon Plateskirt (g) 40M
AuLU0Jb.png Dragon Boots 10M
JTayfZU.png Dragon Boots (g) 1B
V4Ur4P5.png Dragon Sq Shield 2M
0m98o4s.png Dragon Sq Shield (g) 40 - 50M
n3kz1F9.png Dragon Kiteshield (g) 6B
9qajgYT.png Dragon Claws 200M
EQHrjlj.png Dragon Scimitar 250K
VwPWwRW.png Dragon Scimitar (p) 15M
VwPWwRW.png Dragon Scimitar (p+) 30M
VwPWwRW.png Dragon Scimitar (p++) 45M
gIFxQpu.png Dragon Scimitar (g) 300M
KXrvLbi.png Dragon 2H Sword 10M
2spuXSc.png Dragon Sword 1M
kHoolFK.png Dragon Spear 400 - 500K
7NINbG4.png Dragon Defender 25M
Qgj6x5L.png Dragon Defender (g) 500M
aW1ezJh.gif Dragonfire Shield (DFS) 30 - 40M
iU8KTzx.png Dragon Kiteshield 5M
McFS9P0.png Draconic Visage 30M
cJJam83.png Dragonfire Ward 35 - 40M
3S3JDNA.png Ancient Wyvern Shield 300M
z95q5Xx.png Dragon Hunter Lance 500M
pMqXnVw.png Dragon Hunter Crossbow 150M
azHZRcu.png Dragon Warhammer 100M


Item Name Price
YiSKtMi.png Dharok's Helm 50M
k0kjTdf.png Dharok's Platebody 50M
WGwY4S0.png Dharok's Platelegs 50M
BY6bKW2.png Dharok's Greataxe 50M
LIRDUOi.png Verac's Helm 30 - 40M
PCuaLqL.png Verac's Brassard 30 - 40M
h577Ccu.png Verac's Plateskirt 30 - 40M
HWG9sKO.png Verac's Flail 30 - 40M
74GbDBY.png Torag's Helm 10 - 20M
z1h7mnt.png Torag's Platebody 10 - 20M
Rzfqtq7.png Torag's Platelegs 10 - 20M
4acsNDJ.png Torag's Hammers 10 - 20M
iEPnR26.png Guthan's Helm 10 - 20M
oAIAdYn.png Guthan's Platebody 10 - 20M
5OzDHD4.png Guthan's Chainskirt 10 - 20M
Il0eUUn.png Guthan's Warspear 10 - 20M
Z0eKnZ7.png Karil's Coif 10 - 20M
MAtAeoq.png Karil's Leathertop 10 - 20M
Ma2ANM9.png Karil's Leatherskirt 10 - 20M
XFrzWvq.png Karil's Crossbow 10 - 20M
QvK4Oe3.png Ahrim's Hood 10 - 20M
r6NYNnG.png Ahrim's Robe Top 10 - 20M
1jVUiL5.png Ahrim's Robe 10 - 20M
EfwnXOz.png Ahrim's Staff 10 - 20M
eAnimpA.png Barrows Gloves 10 - 20M
KqpTvs7.png Bolt Rack 1K Each

Ancient Armours

Item Name Price
WwL2ZM4.png LbvBXYD.png MNwjb4M.png Statius's set (Stat set) 400M
PFb2WT2.png bprg9wK.png Vesta's set 300M
vhpTAuv.png ZilRp1P.png RPwrz9w.png Morrigan's Leather set 250 - 300M
CZW2slu.png IrFlL6h.png 6gJFds2.png Zuriel's set 250 - 350M
kVurFTQ.png Statius's Warhammer 50M
fmFCmFa.png Vesta's Longsword 250M
aoNWiVe.png Vesta's Spear 250 - 300M
ObChh7a.png 5F1Kvwx.png Morrigan's Weaponary 2M Each
hrLevxt.png Zuriel's Staff 50M


Item Name Price
uJYgiWy.gif Armadyl Godsword (AGS) 150M
Tn4HSL3.png Dragon Godsword (DGS) 180M
R68ZGDB.gif Saradomin Godsword (SGS) 80M
eyN8Eiy.gif Zamorak Godsword (ZGS) 55 - 60M
r8Q0Svs.gif Bandos Godsword (BGS) 50M
AWhAiOx.gif Armadyl Hilt 150M
RGVefWR.gif Saradomin Hilt 80M
F5L3zAL.gif Zamorak Hilt 55 - 60M
iWY6yTw.gif Bandos Hilt 50M
BS50LKe.png Godsword Blade 2 - 3M
GBNk5VD.png Zamorakian Spear 50M
8fPHvZ1.png Zamorakian Hasta 500M
TkqgxzZ.png W6yPFJ0.png MhCTRa2.png Godsword Shards 500K Each


Item Name Price
5oRWyza.gif Twisted Buckler 80 - 100M
SSmUrgw.png Dinh's Bulwark 60 - 80M
rLh5rjD.png Odium Ward 30M
RTJoG5t.png Malediction Ward 30M
lO3Li4F.png Toktz-Ket-Xil 4 - 5M
8yJSrE2.png Avernic Defender 250M
i1YwQnN.png New Crystal Shield 15 -20M

Mutagen Helms

Item Name Price
nCXnKCy.png Serpentine Helm 300M
L5C1Hbs.png Magma Helm Untradeable
H9lBRoB.png Tanzanite Helm Untradeable

Spirit Shields

Item Name Price
uOWEprm.png Elysian Spirit shield 2.3B - 2.5B
8dGMK0g.png Arcane Spirit shield 100 - 150M
OP0qhvO.png Spectral Spirit shield 250 - 300M
Pfafpzt.png Blessed Spirit shield 20M
SEpJb0X.png Spirit shield 3 - 5M
6i7UTlw.png Elysian Sigil 3B
8SYcoBg.gif Arcane Sigil 200M
cjhCPIk.png Spectral Sigil 500M
9Y8rKay.png Holy Elixir 15M

Items related to Alchemical Hydra

Item Name Price
MeMp8AS.png Tourmaline Core 150 - 200M
LafOYlS.png Ferocious Gloves 200M
zvCRXof.png Hydra Tail 50M
DBhAxjS.png Hydra's Claw 150M
qeUvsts.png Hydra's Eye 50M
NlmvHjg.png Hydra's Fang 50M
PzVc19G.png Hydra's Hear 50M

Items related to Cerberus

Item Name Price
5q6zIfu.png Pegasian Boots 200M
eNUabBK.png Primordial Boots 100 - 150M
xSK47uk.png Eternal Boots 100 - 150M
qpic3in.png Pegasian Crystal 150M
KdXuN7U.png Primordial Crystal 80 - 130M
zpPIJNU.png Eternal Crystal 80 - 130M
CfE5cBw.png Smouldering Stone 10M
sPRNpXK.png Corrupted Helm 50M
evU192F.png Corrupted Platebody 50M
0FRh7Ow.png Corrupted Platelegs 50M
783zvB2.png Corrupted Plateskirt 50M
FryFS3Z.png Corrupted Kiteshield 50M


Item Name Price
59raWGw.png Amulet Of Torture 75M
fDG4Gfs.png Necklace Of Anguish 75M
p4KJ3Tc.png Amulet of the Damned 40 - 50M
1nXgxck.png Amulet of Eternal Glory 200 - 300M
oNCZqLk.png Occult Necklace 60M
liFC9DT.png Berserker Necklace 1M
s0Hujzh.png Amulet Of Fury 10M
jz1L8nT.png Amulet of Madness 20M
yb4fmIw.png Dragonbone Necklace 200M


Item Name Price
9RWWxG9.png Warrior Ring 100M
5Aas5P4.png Warrior Ring (i) 150M
huNArIc.png Berserker Ring 100M
N1omFWh.png Berserker Ring (i) (B Ring) 175M
p565tie.png Seers' Ring 100M
Nye2FOB.png Seers' Ring (i) 150M
nNKCCoW.png Archers Ring 100M
Jwom6O4.png Archers Ring (i) 160M
DL98g9Y.png Brimstone Ring 150M
4Lvaoi7.png Ring of Slaying Untradeable
BSz2CTn.png Ring of Wealth (ROW) 800K
BSz2CTn.png Ring of Wealth (i) 200M
bTLPnKS.png Ring Of Suffering 15 - 20M
L7Dja5l.png Ring Of The Gods 30 - 50M
vBhH5KU.png Ring Of The Gods (i) 165M
S16lK4K.png Tyrannical Ring 15 - 20M
oFKxysb.png Tyrannical Ring (i) 120M
s2LEwbj.png Treasonous Ring 70M
NgZNh4d.png Treasonous Ring (i) 165M
ReXAbFI.png Zenyte Ring 10M
lnl3ZrN.png Super rings set 1B


Item Name Price
XzJjWBU.png r2c98pj.png lV09STf.png Infinity Set 20M a Piece (Boots/gloves 10M ea)
S6FMwH0.gif Staff Of Light (SOL) 200M
mkPHyts.png Ancient Staff 5M
WcoAyMY.png Master Wand 15 - 20M
RIacx9T.png Mages' Book 15M
W9x3MzI.png Tome of Fire 30M
dKQeE8m.png Wizard Boots 25 - 30M
n6kwyZS.png 4 yYgOwhj.png 4 DJvJeGp.png 1 Blood Barrage Cast 10K
E0pv2pQ.png 4 n6kwyZS.png 2 T6wMjTU.png 6 Ice Barrage Cast 10K
E0pv2pQ.png 2 xhvDC3I.png 4 u1GV9ko.png 10 Vengeance Cast 20K
AtLFa9D.png Toxic Staff Of The Dead 100M
kHm6XJl.png Staff Of The Dead 50M
z4wVdkO.png Trident Of The Seas 40M
BflV8nf.png Trident Of The Swamp 70M
AaQiPiM.png Sanguinesti Staff 500M
qjE7FFO.png Teacher Wand 10 - 20M
1PSSbIT.png Cursed Goblin Staff 10M
WJKF0xR.png Mystic Smoke Staff 10M
sPZ2FAy.png Mist Battlestaff 15M
QhmPjnf.png Mystic Lava Staff 10M
eI0o84K.png Thamarron's sceptre 20M
pRH1jnz.png Magic Fang 50M


Item Name Price
JFb3WuN.png rn0248l.png i7oXJpV.png Light Infinity set 500M
l3POjYL.png R7G9zOf.png IExrggw.png Dark Infinity set 500M


Item Name Price
hutzckg.png Hood of Darkness 50M
Ea5wvBq.png Robe Top of Darkness 50M
GwpWpRH.png Robe Bottom of Darkness 50M
Eg7s1KV.png Gloves of Darkness 50M
EhUzEDO.png Boots of Darkness 50M


Item Name Price
BpuD7mo.png Elder Chaos Hood 25 - 30M
Zw4ym4d.png Elder Chaos Top 25 - 30M
MQEjjBQ.png Elder Chaos Robe 25 - 30M


Item Name Price
oK0XM25.png Twisted Bow 1.6 - 1.8B
aAQqDx9.png Blowpipe 100M
pgyir05.png Light Ballista 100 - 150M
S6reGvg.gif Dark Bow 15 - 20M
bUCPKzZ.gif Dark Bow (colored) 20 - 25M
ImE9ipP.png New Crystal Bow 250M
5CoqWkB.png Robin Hood Hat 15M
ZTkpKu9.gif Ranger Boots 25 - 30M
hMjENIU.png Rangers' Tunic 40 - 50M
bIFFKtf.png Rangers Gloves 20 - 25M
fO4iTsr.png Black D'hide Body 200K
80pgcJb.png Black D'hide Chaps In Shop
HA7ZzYm.png Black D'hide Vambraces In Shop
y5XWFfi.png Rune Crossbow (RCB) 200 - 250K
G2qKlYT.png Dragon Crossbow 50M
5oTYXiK.png Dragon Arrow 50K Each
Q6b9TjF.png Amethyst Arrow 50K Each
lFOAM5h.png Dragon Bolt 25K Each
yxBwipV.png Dragonstone Bolt (e) 35K Each
ruJiHQH.png Onyx Bolt (e) 50 - 75K Each
0PrDUut.png Dragon Dart 30K Each
8zh8mDI.png (Uncharged) Craw's Bow 20M
DfsSMwz.png Zulrah's Scales 10 - 20K


Item Name Price
79nq6UJ.png Armadyl Helmet 40M
3bidQJg.png Armadyl Chestplate 80M
ZM5EERQ.png Armadyl Chainskirt 80M
m7YrVlp.png Armadyl Crossbow 150M

Untradeable Store

Item Name Price
qUleT0h.png Void melee helm 30M
ehlV9OP.png Void mage helm 30M
KSNriBJ.png Void ranger helm 30M
udNCzWa.png Void knight top 60M
QfBtVYR.png Void knight robe 60M
ZgBK2vq.png Elite Void Top 250M
gKzuKpk.png Elite Void Robe 250M
E4yl5vF.png Void knight gloves 20M
Qo3VZS4.png Fjt4aMu.png dwHuHzj.png dX026Ba.png qOMuemh.png Void (t) Red TBD
01swwHx.png TmYwd7j.png mFog1y5.png 8D18oLa.png fY3KihE.png Void (t) Green TBD
N3AwmBQ.png V2y5YI7.png DF5TtWT.png clOtUye.png fVUKjSx.png Void (t) Pink TBD

God Hides

Item Name Price
4RHdkGP.png Saradomin Coif 250K
82xf7lL.png Saradomin Body 250K
njrf8tM.png Saradomin Chaps 250K
dLXtWh7.png Saradomin Vambraces 250K
1fM7Gsr.png Zamorak Coif 250K
O4OJEW5.png Zamorak Body 250K
iwxUgsl.png Zamorak Chaps 250K
mCbfBEJ.png Zamorak Vambraces 250K
YAGBh9N.png Guthix Coif 250K
niF7hvM.png Guthix Body 250K
BZ8aQN5.png Guthix Chaps 250K
J5Kkb22.png Guthix Vambraces 250K

PVP Gear

Item Name Price
bnToRne.png Ava's Assembler Untradeable
eS3Wouw.png Fighter Torso 10 - 15M
BU5QWim.png Fire Cape 20 - 25M
blMiSNt.png Infernal Cape 1B
qOWQKbT.gif Helm Of Neitiznot 5 - 8M
vPJcPd1.gif Saradomin Sword 15M
PeT02O1.png Blessed Saradomin Sword Untradeable
bqun3zV.png Barrelchest Anchor 20M
CFvJATa.gif Granite Maul (G maul) 5M
GHjrnD2.png Granite Maul (or) 10M
BCRxlnR.png Abyssal Dagger 80M
2UrsVM9.png Abyssal Dagger (p++) 100 - 130M
s90Wqa3.png Abyssal Bludgeon 100 - 150M
zxvl6M6.png Tormented Bracelet 35 - 40M
Me4nj8R.png Elder Maul 100 - 150M
0QCx3OK.png Scythe of Vitur 800M - 1B
dQvjNIo.png Heavy Ballista 250M
MzDpDgn.png Amethyst Javelin 1M Each
rIJdFln.png Dragon Javelin 100K Each


Item Name Price
wr66eOf.png Overload (OVL) Untradeable
jzLNs24.png Super Combat Potion 80K
ktiCIW9.png Super restore Potion 20K
r8YGuGm.png Super Antifire Potion 20K
IEFr6eZ.png Prayer Potion 15K

God Books

Item Name Price
vPQupxb.png Unholy Book Untradeable
VLe7Wzc.png Book Of Balance Untradeable
olGm8oX.png Holy Book Untradeable
Zcx6NL0.png Book Of War Untradeable
xSVmLWk.gif God Pages 200K a Page

Ornament Kit

Item Name Price
vy3eX5N.png Dragon Platebody ornament kit 3B
AynKk27.png Dragon Defender ornament kit 400M
1ivgnig.png Dragon Full Helm Ornament Kit (or) 200M
vsZsHId.png Dragon Chainbody Ornament Kit (or) 200M
tcKw1o1.png Dragon Platelegs/Plateskirt Ornament Kit (or) 200M
hBKu0Pt.png Dragon SQ. Shield Ornament Kit (or) 200M
rZXDWa2.png Dragon Scimitar Ornament Kit (or) 200M
SRB0W97.png Anguish ornament kit 500M
j2hAqFi.png Fury ornament kit 100M
VzpBiKS.png Torture ornament kit 100M
wwQRxYx.png Occult ornament kit 100M
WxOBrEm.png Armadyl Godsword ornament kit 200M
2DCWL0w.png Bandos Godsword ornament kit 200M
DLBCvwu.png Saradomin Godsword ornament kit 200M
WaH96Ea.png Zamorak Godsword ornament kit 200M

3rd age

Item Name Price
lGeqlbZ.png 3rd age Druidic Wreath 1M
SzBPU3I.png 3rd age full helm 100M
5BmphSt.png 3rd age platebody 100M
ychOPg1.png 3rd age platelegs 100M
wV0L0Wt.png 3rd age kiteshield 250M
qzlFKeX.png 3rd age longsword 250M
XBFAwtP.png 3rd age mage Hat 200M
QVTbYUF.png 3rd age robe top 200M
vfwiwl2.png 3rd age robe 200M
VrU77Wv.png 3rd age wand 500 - 600M
aBwVpAB.png 3rd age amulet 50M
PybIxH3.png 3rd age coif 200M
0n9bbwu.png 3rd age leather top 200M
FuCub13.png 3rd age leather chaps 200M
PJZ1OC8.png 3rd age vambraces 200M
iZXv5NL.png 3rd age bow 1B
oGLlPyY.png 3rd age pickaxe 250M
6HDbjuJ.png 3rd age axe 150M
lC8UoPF.png 3rd age cloak 50M


Item Name Price
1wbUcFr.png Bronze Set (t) 100K a Piece
Y7Fblvk.png Bronze Set (g) 100K a Piece
n17gbuB.png Iron Set (t) 200K a Piece
x1aVDyN.png Iron Set (g) 200K a Piece
nzb3d8l.png Steel Set (t) 300K a Piece
QZpT1SD.png Steel Set (g) 300K a Piece
WhLpx77.png Black Set (t) 400K a Piece
kHZ6G7E.png DRxE8eT.png Y4kwpqv.png NDB2Csj.png QTsunq0.png Black Set (t) Green 25M a Piece
Black Set (t) Pink 25M a Piece
Q4D5gii.png h3mSMcy.png pmmJcrp.png Q0FmnwM.png BaPw3yr.png Black Set (t) Blue 25M a Piece
Y0rBHOr.png j36Hkpm.png ItrffmX.png 5MuSZT0.png 6fFxzjx.png Black Set (t) Red 25M a Piece
H4zs1T5.png Black Set (g) 50M a Piece
xRGE64U.png Black Set (p) 100M a Piece
DMocM2l.png Mithril Set (t) 500K a Piece
hLtTJZz.png Mithril Set (g) 500K a Piece
MoTbEYi.png Adamant Set (t) 600K a Piece
9n7lZdI.png Adamant Set (g) 600K a Piece
YUmU7eb.png Rune Set (t) 700K a Piece
49C2cKf.png zeDB7fb.png RvTu3PP.png 8fiAk7B.png Rune Set (t) Green 50M a Piece
EjaMF5u.png krUSK4v.png zVWBEOY.png TsmoFLw.png Rune Set (t) Blue 50M a Piece
kUlIyYl.png wikbAHu.png qqffGS9.png 7E5OnKf.png Rune Set (t) Red 50M a Piece
Rune Set (t) Pink 50M a Piece
22PuNFN.png Rune Set (g) 700K a Piece
bXqeRlg.png Guthix Set 1M a Piece
4pzbVae.png Zamorak Set 1M a Piece
AUHk1AG.png Saradomin Set 1M a Piece
ePBIR3H.png Gilded Set 30M a Piece
dRgrIiS.png Initiate Set In Shop
tHHPRnm.png Green D'hide Set (t) 1M
4w4ByjC.png Green D'hide Set (g) 1M
pdeVJBy.png Blue D'hide Set (t) 1M
w3OQYEk.png Blue D'hide Set (g) 1M
ivPVRjH.png Highwayman mask (t) 250M


Item Name Price
ri5V1fQ.png Enchanted Hat 30M
gBg2yEM.png Enchanted Robe Top 30M
SljPzbP.png Enchanted Robe bottom 30M

Party Hat

Item Name Price
kpyRDho.png Rainbow Party Hat 2.5B
v0oiVBx.png Black Party Hat 1.5B
5TJelb5.png Purple Party Hat 500M
3P41m0o.png Yellow Party Hat 500M
712cE3b.png Red Party Hat 500M
X9myaRV.png White Party Hat 500M
AK7fKM1.png Blue Party Hat 500M
2iLBy3G.png Green Party Hat 500M
zRGkj3I.png Orange Party Hat 100M
GeqEg4o.png Gum Party Hat 500M
w8leuwL.png Aqua Party Hat 2B
gMtSLY9.png Baby blue Party Hat 2B
5uO60d8.png Camo Party Hat 4B
rnYmOKa.png Coffee Party Hat 4B
yf917Xb.png Teal Party Hat 4B
IObc5o8.png Colorful Party Hat 20B+
ouaaWEQ.png Party Hat & Specs 1B
mUcW4Hh.png Peach Party Hat 3B
MyyjBFn.png Turquoise Party Hat 2B
aVnK6Sw.png Birthday Party Hat 3B
YQDKLo1.png Cream Party Hat 3B
Dkes5Xj.png Midnight Party Hat 20B+

Santa Hats

Item Name Price
EQ582fY.png Santa Hat 1B
QNzEsbX.png Black Santa Hat 1.5B
jcdg7uw.png Inverted Santa Hat 2B
Cyv5VVz.png Fuchsia Santa Hat 4B
PqL4FfG.png Gilded Santa Hat 1,5B
0OHlc5w.png Pimpz Santa Hat 1,5B
62lEqe2.png Azure Santa Hat 1,5B
2NX14zS.png Wise old man's Santa Hat 1.5B
dQXfFrO.png Colorful Santa Hat 20B+
iVRUttQ.png Caramel Santa Hat 6B
FnPuDUt.png Butter Santa Hat 8 - 10B
nFx1vuw.png Strawberry Santa Hat 6B
FaJ89rO.png Violetas Santa Hat 8 - 10B
d0tGPET.png Chocolate Santa Hat 6B
OQeSHoZ.png Cream Santa Hat 8 - 10B
X5qd3Iv.png Vanilla Santa Hat 6B
p1bSBdu.png Neon Green Santa Hat 4 - 6B
jJaBukC.png Baby Blue Santa Hat 4 - 6B
Ix2SbWq.png Orange Blue Santa Hat 4 - 6B
6XYLIyc.png Dark Yellow Santa Hat 4 - 6B
2hqi9tj.png Pinky Santa Hat 4 - 6B
Gzedwsj.png Dwarf Santa Hat 4 - 6B
W9vfi0x.png Yellow Santa Hat 1,5B
pgbPJNf.png Midnight Santa Hat 20B+
KrocOrl.png Summer Santa Hat 500M
dlKPfVV.png Winter Santa Hat 500M

Halloween Mask (Hween)

Item Name Price
vjIuAOL.png Black Halloween Mask 2B
L48Xqm7.png Blue Halloween Mask 1B
11moPtu.png Red Halloween Mask 1B
5k590J0.png Green Halloween Mask 1B
cuxjVkP.png Purple Halloween Mask 5B
mMKMrWE.png Orange Halloween Mask 5B
4aIhNJO.png Exclusive Halloween Mask 2B
7vlsxVV.png Colorful Halloween Mask 20B+
Sw7TCTj.png Yellow Halloween Mask 12B
cuxjVkP.png Crayon Halloween Mask 12B
mBzm8kw.png White Halloween Mask 12B
6fXpxbj.png Invader Halloween Mask 10B
gX86E5e.png Gum Halloween Mask 6B
d1lVN7P.png Teal Halloween Mask 3B
OB93Qwu.png Dracula Halloween Mask 8B
IUKX7R5.png Gilded Halloween Mask 5B
Y2OIRnx.png Midnight Halloween Mask 20B+


Item Name Price
LHgpaRZ.png Green Elegant Shirt 15M
FWGHTz3.png Green Elegant Legs 15M
BWfx3Kc.png Red Elegant Shirt 5M
Kasi1lb.png Red Elegant Legs 5M
GSXDnR8.png Blue Elegant Shirt 2M
WZ1tpv0.png Blue Elegant Legs 2M
9ph0I1d.png Pink Elegant Blouse 50M
9I3BulQ.png Pink Elegant Skirt 50M
wDGLoH9.png Green Elegant Blouse 15M
43mWrNH.png Green Elegant Skirt 15M
cfNXiaD.png Red Elegant Blouse 5M
U54qcqe.png Red Elegant Skirt 5M
MvNJAzz.png White Elegant Blouse 8 - 10M
brVdhg4.png White Elegant Skirt 8 - 10M
OHeSptV.png Blue Elegant Blouse 1M
aRsKssK.png Blue Elegant Skirt 1M
sMIlRqq.png Black Elegant Shirt 75 - 100M
Ys0AGoG.png Black Elegant Legs 75 - 100M

God Vestments

Item Name Price
iF1cjyN.png Ancient Crozier 5 - 10M
CwIhLCI.png Ancient Stole 5 - 10M
FzlVYls.png Ancient Mitre 5 - 10M
imUiJH8.png Ancient Robe Top 5 - 10M
K0I2lGQ.png Ancient Robe Legs 5 - 10M
5xSFLnn.png Ancient Cloak 1M
bhwXbMf.png Armadyl Crozier 5 - 10M
s1SiU3F.png Armadyl Mitre 5 - 10M
M8cP1am.png Armadyl Stole 5 - 10M
cWIgALg.png Armadyl Robe Top 5 - 10M
AqRCMej.png Armadyl Robe Legs 5 - 10M
5gDVClj.png Armadyl Cloak 1M
elBa5Ow.png Bandos Crozier 5 - 10M
t2oSEB8.png Bandos Mitre 5 - 10M
LcOHei6.png Bandos Stole 5 - 10M
R6hG4Wl.png Bandos Robe Top 5 - 10M
iAuCUH0.png Bandos Robe Legs 5 - 10M
hlPKqJQ.png Bandos Cloak 1M
F9MFa2K.png Guthix Crozier 5 - 10M
YKCgOd7.png Guthix Mitre 5 - 10M
G9Fgtfn.png Guthix Stole 5 - 10M
KwisbOA.png Guthix Robe Top 5 - 10M
dI7xVwv.png Guthix Robe Legs 5 - 10M
yak6Js4.png Guthix Cloak 1M
Xil0gjG.png Guthix Cape (i) Untradeable
FtZ586y.png Saradomin Crozier 5 - 10M
09jMIlC.png Saradomin Mitre 5 - 10M
RLbFut1.png Saradomin Stole 5 - 10M
urBREVA.png Saradomin Robe Top 5 - 10M
lu8GWf5.png Saradomin Robe Legs 5 - 10M
wNMcF3T.png Saradomin Cloak 1M
hw0t6F5.png Saradomin Cape (i) Untradeable
scVuRVk.png Zamorak Crozier 5 - 10M
p18yeoJ.png Zamorak Mitre 5 - 10M
2LVkRaJ.png Zamorak Stole 5 - 10M
4abrNp1.png Zamorak Robe Top 5 - 10M
oZK2aMo.png Zamorak Robe Legs 5 - 10M
W8Kjjpe.png Zamorak Cloak 1M
2FZBnzj.png Zamorak Cape (i) Untradeable

Animal Masks and Staves

Item Name Price
7cTFVdW.png Cat Mask 5M
4V4bVa5.png Penguin Mask Worthless
0INVXGS.png White Unicorn Mask 5M
cWT2YQ6.png Jungle Demon Mask 15 - 20M
bCfUxUh.png Black Unicorn Mask 5 - 10M
A8ZoZOU.png Imp Mask 10 - 15M
Fake Beak 50M

Gilded Items

Item Name Price
5zmFQEd.png Gilded Claws 5 - 6B
E2YHNbQ.png Gilded Godsword 5 - 6B
3ZmVXgc.png Gilded Crossbow 1 - 2B
cV4WBOk.png Gilded DarkBow 1 - 2B
Ggq39iv.png Gilded Bunny ears 5 - 6B
nzOCFWg.png Gilded Anchor 1 - 2B
CWpyX8M.png Gilded Top Hat 5 - 6B
46kqu6B.png Briefcase (g) 5 - 6B
jrMY5VZ.png Gilded Casket 5 - 6B
kHXsGsZ.png Highwayman Mask (g) 2 - 3B
wKIL39F.png Ale of the Gods (g) 5 - 6B
KA105Se.png Fairy Ring (+) 192M
U0pRH4N.png Gilded Gnome Scarf 5 - 6B
Ets7Rip.png Amulet of Fury (g) 2B
9sWEhT7.png Gilded Axe 500M
Axagsdj.png Gilded Pickaxe 500M
p0Ob4Ai.png Golden Pot 500M
4fgv1i0.png Golden Hammer 500M
dpP0oQP.png Golden Tinderbox 500M
SKwveK3.png Void mage helm (g) 2B
Hz6ecct.png Void range helm (g) 2B
ff34taR.png Void melee helm (g) 2B
6LR4917.png Void knight top (g) 2B
dUQCSc7.png Void knight robe (g) 2B
6yGhj4L.png Elite void top (g) 8B
FaSQzzi.png Elite Void Robe (g) 8B
C0k1lgt.png Gilded Bones 1kg 13 - 14M
qK0Xi99.png 3HZuMxW.png 5sLntpt.png 94cJc7X.png tvokgdu.png Gilded Dragon Set 30B
nZVnWhZ.png Gilded Rubber Chicken 2B
F0rLn4V.png Gilded Party Hat & Specs 3B
DHun8uD.png Golden Sled 3B
C53oupA.png Golden Backpack 2B
6LsuUIV.png Golden Fox 2B

Mystery Boxes

Item Name Price
H47ky4L.png Voting Mystery Box 20M
ysZgGYG.png Mysterious Box 50M
q4UtuSb.png Barrows Mystery Box 100M
15Js96W.png Super Mystery Box 250 - 300M
5yRwbIq.png Extreme Mystery Box 400 - 450M
DqxWdvX.png PvP Mystery Box 500 - 600M
4weIrvt.png Legendary Mystery Box 850 - 900M
9AdYpTE.png Gilded Mystery Box 2 - 3B
DH4J1RR.png  ? Mystery Box 4 - 5B


Item Name Price
yh5wPru.png Corporeal Critter 2.5 - 3B
PPrA7sw.png Cape Of Legends 2M
222xgaT.png Cape Of Legends Red 500M
GtGHwPe.png Cape Of Legends Blue 500M
wo5rwMp.png Cape Of Legends Green 500M
T5eTqvF.png Cape Of Legends Purple 500M
T5gWtGI.png Cape Of Legends Gold 500M
lQ8fwuw.png Black Mask 10 - 15M
NloAW0a.png Blood Money 1K Blood Money is 1M GP
ih7esBJ.png Combat Lamp 100M
enRqaCb.png Reset Lamp 10M
irARNnx.png Double XP Ring Untradeable
tC0cjmy.png Hunter's Honour Untradeable
tquDuvC.png Membership Bond 9 - 10B
zvowWNc.png ltoI6Zv.png D4J5XMh.png Eggshell Outfit 1B
9gjw5pI.png Team Cape Zero 75M-100M
zoNbafq.png Bucket helm (g) 100M
g1AcUDh.png Imbued Heart 120M
6wZ4auE.png Cape of skulls 10 - 12B
QmjIDWB.png Wilderness champion amulet 10 - 12B
vmJWUe3.png mJ2Za7J.png Jbl0EfO.png DnsA7aw.png 95pgxUB.png DScqg5a.png oKxFZSm.png Colored Berets 25M
oJjCLDv.png IpDKYfB.png NEzObZR.png qYVcirl.png Colored Dragon Scimitars 100M
ZFIXj6z.png peh8Z1P.png wnjkUYJ.png 49UUiRt.png Colored Dragon Longswords 115M
gvuVZX3.png RjZifUh.png zfWQSqp.png sW3xLaO.png 8lN0zKc.png Colored Robin Hood Hats 60M
QbjwNc8.png QRZJBlX.png kCZxKSD.png S6SYQTS.png epMJSPg.png 7ISBpzK.png Colored Ranger Boots 35M
VIha0Qe.png Colorful Gnome Scarf 20B+
JDEogrH.png Night Fox 3B


Item Name Price
11dNAqS.png Obsidian Cape 5M
WlDkMkP.png Toktz-Ket-Xil 4 - 5M
qtGDDlq.png Toktz-Mej-Tal 5M
JH7kk6X.png Tzhaar-Ket-Om 5M
IeyK5PW.png Toktz-Xil-Ak 5M
0ic3pQ9.png Toktz-Xil-Ek 5M
YoYhjef.png Obsidian Helmet 10M
x8tCR76.png Obsidian Platebody 20M
XAiKTI3.png Obsidian_platelegs Platelegs 20M


Item Name Price
wTDK5o0.png Skilling Supplies 200 - 300M
BIP5jcj.png Dragon Hatchet 10 - 20M
lsQtWca.png Dragon Harpoon 150 - 180M
78LRwPu.png Dragon Pickaxe 10 - 20M
h76P5Ph.png Fayrg Bones 1M
48EzBDj.gif Zogre Bones 4 - 5M
gdx8KKN.png Ourg Bones 1.5M - 2M
3YiX5u6.png Wyvern Bones 2M
PJ8pMSI.gif Dragon Bones (D Bones) 1M
fQTS4LF.gif Dagannoth Bones 1 - 2M
ND06bxU.png Hydra bones 2M
GZbOYS6.gif Superior Dragon Bones 6 - 7M
SUHeFYY.png Grimy Lantadyme 8K
iGAbpeS.png Grimy Torstol 10K
5TqKf29.png Karambwan 30k
DxSQSvW.png Raw Karambwan 40k
XwsBvsS.png Cooked Anglerfish 200K
5laVc0k.png Anglerfish 250K
uogT4Zf.png Raw Manta Ray 100K
mFlmQYU.png Raw Shark 75K
s6QiPWy.png Big Shark 175 - 200K
de1Yfy9.png Sandworms 100k
YwO3hFb.png Uncut Onyx 10 - 15M
aJEcBbg.png Uncut Dragonstone 40 - 50K
CZIHgGX.png Mithril Bar 15K
X3Jv8J1.gif Adamantite Bar 30K
i8yWK3s.gif Runite Bar 50K
JkFyLZb.png Runite Ore 20K
bihIVQI.png Yew Logs 20K
IyjRHyR.png Magic Logs 50K
g22WvQW.png Bandit's Brew 50M
5NPBsuO.png Dodgy necklace 75 - 100M


Item Name Price
yW5SE9R.png isoIZm9.png Skeletal Set 200 - 300M
KiFsxVV.png TIUyXhj.png MfY6zdE.png pGIlm5F.png MWCneCT.png Light Tuxedo Outfit 150M
oxtwEDH.png WmdrJMN.png JXLS14X.png peGB5Xl.png CcFlVWh.png Ankou Outfit 200M
LnMJBNu.png AHopBcQ.png kr9LuLm.png 3fP795Z.png SNpUK7m.png Mummy's Outfit 30 - 40M
AQXNdib.png BL7JRjZ.png eoUqhJJ.png pGyZt0e.png k1UZ8f6.png Gilded Ankou Set 25 - 30B
xgajWCz.png 2yk9rAs.png vIjk1ro.png 4D9DQUr.png PXpH0ol.png Grey Ankou Set 75B
dE0t6bB.png R77YlCP.png Amdesm3.png D8ewMmH.png lkgaCxS.png Sky Blue Ankou Set 300B
Dragonstone set 30B
HbrKGj0.png tGHERdG.png qM5magA.png x7fGnE2.png jzxySFB.png Samurai Armour 300 - 400M
JX8A5nn.png qbZ3sCJ.png 0qtXRWT.png MhvvREy.png Inquisitor's Armour 35 - 40B

Slayer shop

Item Name Price
1RGuWqb.png Fishing tome (1) 120M
h1zkfYn.png Agility tome (1) 120M
HYYC6YP.png Slayer tome (1) 120M
N1YyVA6.png Woodcutting tome (1) 120M
7qlc8R8.png Mining tome (1) 120M
nCZG7yf.png Thieving tome (1) 25M
q3T8BzN.png Thieving tome (5) 125M
JPkfePr.png Thieving tome (10) 250M
laulhof.png Hunter tome (1) 200 - 250M
laulhof.png Hunter tome (10) 2 - 3B
5GpUL9J.png Dwarf cannon set 500 - 600M

Voting Store

Item Name Price
Hl3lPr6.png Voting Ticket 10 - 15M
AjFaz8E.png Gnome Goggles 35M+
VIha0Qe.png Gnome Scarf 80M
lqMQP6U.png NoVAXzi.png 9325enI.png Colored Gnome Scarf 550M
PeEH6Vs.png Afro 10M+
PBMzgAb.png Katana 400M
kXcoJyD.png Sled 1B
v7c9vd8.png Grain 1 - 1.5B
P500Bju.png Bunny Ears 125M+
ocNdFOc.png Bunny Top 125M+
AA8z7HU.png Bunny Legs 125M+
lTSInSK.png Bunny Paws 125M+
rHM75BY.png Easter Basket 500M
o59of2H.png Easter Egg 5M+
EppY5RB.png Easter Ring 25M+
Ho7N15C.png Rubber Chicken 450M
LbeeScB.png Gold Helmet 10M+
1WirFeD.png C1BQt6Y.png lNRXe8N.png Royal Outfit 75M, (25M Each)+
UBh8wEQ.png Weapon Mixes 5M
ZqZ8aqa.png Weapon Ornament Kits 50 - 75M
aMAJSVR.png Santa Mask 100M+
E2ST06k.png Santa Jacket 100M+
cLXzDwx.png Santa pantaloons 100M+
FpwqvFK.png Santa Gloves 100M+
KVcEdlT.png Santa Boots 100M+
xUEKFqp.png yImYtSA.png dSOwSCA.png gxxHjgO.png 36z7Nhr.png Antisanta Set 100M a piece (Boots/gloves 75M ea)
0z3xly8.png Varrock Armour 1 25M+
qxaYcO0.png Cabbage Cape 15M+
KMfY0FB.png Top Hat 15M+
uf4LCfn.png Bonesack 50M+
QkEqRLE.png Bow-sword 50M+
zag76MA.png Disk of Returning 35M+
sHX2B2V.png Black Cane 10M+
jHw9j40.png Adamant Cane 15M+
TKhn7OI.png Rune Cane 25M+
OkA9YSv.png Gadderhammer 24M+
vS12ENx.png Banner 15M
BbVsdOo.png Obsidian Cape (r) 35M+
ksM8CzO.png Double Eye Patch 25M+
PdQwl0g.png Black Tricorn Hat 5M+
mFTsh0L.png Black Naval Shirt 5M+
enUfDt2.png Black Navy Slacks 5M+
eiNzOOZ.png Black Cavalier 10M+
QCs352M.png Cavalier Mask 15M+
yQWYrJN.png Explorer Backpack 10M+
tRixytC.png Pith Helmet 10M+
M3OuQpZ.png Hard Hat 10M+
aJhC0dK.png Jack Lantern Mask 5M+
n69eZCc.png Fancy Boots 15M+
3SM3tiL.png Fighting Boots 15M+
MJGGzc3.png Flared Trousers 25M+
zHkH3Ok.png A Powdered Wig 15M+
NVbIzxf.png Pantaloons 15M+
96w8Ohm.png Sleeping Cap 15M+
01ywY00.png Wooden Sword 5M+
H8zQpmA.png Wooden Shield 5M+
CMrk2Vy.png Mudskipper Hat 5M+
fjziuT2.png Flippers 5M+
HepONEW.png Wizard's Mind Bomb 2M+
YCY2wbD.png Chicken 1B
BvuRBMB.png Fox 1B


Item Name Price
pCo5GDs.png Blue Key 10M
qsALrAy.gif Yellow Key 10M
0qVilt4.png Muddy Key 10M
2IopSOr.png Ancestral Key 2M
3vCxuLr.gif Crystal Key 1M+
1AsIHbe.png Loop Half of Key 5 - 10M
BSu7hD9.png Brimstone Key Untradeable