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Main page/Skill guides

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Welcome to the Skilling index for Grinderscape. This page will be your central up for everything relating to skilling with a breif explaination of what gamemodes you can play as.


Modes Reduced exp rates Can trade Use shops Use Bank Respawn Gamble Stake Donate Commands
Regular No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Classic icon.pngClassic 31% Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ironman icon.pngIronman No No Limited Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
Hardcore ironman icon.pngHCIM No No Limited Yes Yes (you will lose Hardcore status) No No Yes Yes
Ultimate ironman icon.pngUIM No No Limited No Yes No No Yes Limited
Spawn icon.pngSpawn No Limited No Yes Yes Limited Limited Yes Limited
One life.pngOne Life No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Realism.pngRealism 86% Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pure icon.pngPure 86% (Except Combat stats) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Master icon.pngMaster 86% (Except Combat stats) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Skill guides

yHPZqBG.png Skilling guides yHPZqBG.png

16.png Agility

0.png Attack

7.png Cooking

12.png Crafting

1.png Defence

19.png Farming

11.png Firemaking

10.png Fishing

9.png Fletching

15.png Herblore

3.png Hitpoints

22.png Hunter

6.png Magic

14.png Mining

5.png Prayer

4.png Ranged

20.png Runecrafting

18.png Slayer

13.png Smithing

2.png Strength

17.png Thieving

8.png Woodcutting

yHPZqBG.png Skilling guides yHPZqBG.png

Notable skilling locations

Resource Area

The resource area may be a great place to train some skills, because it gives 50% more xp. But be careful, because you can be killed by other players.


Skilling pets

Image Pet Source
JgXhQqB.png Giant Squirrel Obtainable while agility
jF7Gc93.png Tangleroot Obtainable while farming
MB9Zgb2.png Phoenix Obtainable while firemaking
NC9QCvz.png Heron Obtainable while fishing
Fb1PYQg.png Herbi Obtainable while herblore
Mw5x1pv.png Baby Chinchompa Obtainable while hunter
NgjW16U.png Rock Golem Obtainable while mining
nVH8KLR.png Rift Guardian Obtainable while runecrafting
J9QCQPz.png Rocky Obtainable while thieving
JJl3JBm.png Beaver Obtainable while woodcutting

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